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 Post subject: Biography - Zopen Kaxt
PostPosted: Sun May 8th, 2016 3:49 am 
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Birth Year: 2385
Home Planet: Betazed
Birth Planet: Vulcan
Species: Betazoid
[*]Zolana Kaxt, Starfleet Diplomatic Corps, Captain
[*]Korad Kaxt, Starfleet Intelligence, Commander

Academy Matriculation: 2403
Academy Graduation: 2410
Initial Course of Study: Political Science/Linguistics
Advanced Course of Study: Law

Biographical Notes:
Zopen Kaxt was born while his mother was serving in the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps, stationed on Vulcan. At the time, his father was serving aboard the USS Minerva as an intelligence officer along the Klingon Neutral Zone. His family a minor relation to the 18th House of Betazoid, he was allowed great leeway in tutors. Early on, his tutelage came from a Vulcan whom his mother had hired shortly after she gave birth. The Vulcan's name was T'len.

The boy was always something of a rambunctious child and it took time for him to grow into his studies. He eventually began to settle down and focus as his mother wanted. Because of his father's specialty, he was often absent. As he approached an age of choosing his future, his mother encouraged him to apply and attend Starfleet Academy, hoping he would follow her path into the Diplomatic Corps.

His primary course of study during his Academy days was political science, with a secondary focus in linguistics. He found a bizarre love for the ancient Earth language called 'Latin,' though he showed talent at alien languages as well. Because of his scores in physical tests as well as phaser training, the training cruises he went on were split between operating as a security officer and a communications officer. Because of a paper written during his junior year for a Federation Law course on Starfleet Criminal Regulations in light of the Prime Directive, his professor encouraged him to stay at the Academy and do an advanced study of Law.

In 2407, he graduated with honors from the Academy and was commissioned as an ensign. He would hold this rank while completing his three years of advanced study in order to be able to practice law. With the outbreak of war and the shuffling of Starfleet personnel, he spent his last year of study stationed on the Earth Space Dock, serving as the assistant to the Staff Judge Advocate for Admiral Jorel Quinn. During that time, he was increased in grade to Lieutenant (junior grade). By the time of his graduation, he was increase in grade to full Lieutenant and stationed on Starbase 39 as a staff judge advocate. Scuttlebutt says he should soon expect a transfer, though he has not heard where.

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Ensign Zopen Kaxt
Sciance Division, Gamma Squadron
Current Mission:
Current Location: Starbase 39
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Cpt. Boone (CAG): Chief, if I bagged a Klingon I believe you would know what flag to paint on her.
CPO Ned Bannon: Klingons are easy, sir. Now a Romulan warship, that might be a problem. They're invisible. (JAG: A New Life)

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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