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 Post subject: Biography - H'Val Solok
PostPosted: Wed January 14th, 2015 5:58 pm 
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H'Val Solok at the 26th Fleet's Promotion Ceremonies

Name: H’Val Solok
Race: Romulan
Age: 102 Terran years
Place of Birth: Rihan.


H’Val was born on Rihan (Romulus) in 2313. For the majority of his life, H’Val was engaged in regional politics, being elected to the ruling council of his district as a junior Advocate at the age of 38. H’Val served several terms as Advocate, winning his re-election bid every five years. He was noted to be extremely honest and up-front in all of his dealings by his constituents and a rouge element by his fellow politicians. He visited The Capital on several occasions and was seen in open argument with prominent members of the Continuing Committee. H’Val returned to his District and continued to work on the growth and development of his colony. At age 42, at the insistence of his father, H’Val attended the Imperial Academy and completed his training to take his commission in the Imperial Star Navy.

H’Val rose steadily though the ranks, and after exposing a plot by a former classmate to assassinate a Senator, the Admiralty promoted H’Val to Riov. He took command of the Imperial Romulan Warbird Kholhr. H’Val commanded the Kholhr for over 20 years.

In 2387, after the destruction of Romulus, H’Val continued to serve the Empire, though it is noted that his loyalty to Sela waivered and he began to express anti-Governmental sentiments. H’Val was seen to argue with friends and family over Government policy and openly questioned the loyalty of the Tal Shiar and Empress Sela to the People. In 2408, after numerous acts of the Tal Shiar brutally supressing any dissent, H’Val and his Chief Flight Officer, Sublieutenant Jelran disappeared from the Kholhr under the guise of a “vital mission for the empire.” H’Val’s first officer did report that he made off with one shuttle, equipped with a cloaking device, but that no trace of orders, nor indication of his intentions.

H’Val and Jelran settled on a border world allied with the fledgling Republic and lived happily there for several years. After the destruction of Virinat Colony, H’Val volunteered for the Republican Star Navy. Based on his experience and command ability, H’Val was granted the rank of Erei'Riov and command of the Romulan Republic Warbird Ecurai.

After several successful engagements against the Tal’Shiar and a mysterious enemy known only as “The Elatchi” (believed by some to be a servitor race of the Gods of Air and Darkness) H’Val and the Ecurai were reassigned to the Joint Starfleet/Romulan Task Force Avalon, operating from Starbase 381 in the dwarf galaxy, known as “The Outback.”

An 8 month assignment completed, the Ecurai has been reassigned Starfleets’ 12th fleet, to conduct joint operations from Starbase Valhalla.

Subcommander H'Val Solok
R.R.W. Ecurai
Viper (Gamma) Squadron



Check out H'Vals Biography here

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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