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OOC Notes:
  1. Romulan Dictionary -
  2. This log would have been recorded Just before the Ecurai left for Valhalla
  3. This log is primarily intended to give an insight into H'Val's past, as I've left it quite vauge to date. Enjoy

The log opens with H’Val sitting in his ready room aboard his Warbird. His uniform is immaculate and his expression is unflinching.

”Computer, begin personal log, Erei'Riov H’Val Solok.”

The computer chirps it response and the video file begins. H’Val stands slowly, reaching around to remove the shoulder pads and drapery, reverently placing them on the stand next to his desk.

”I am not known to be a fan of the Republican Navy Uniform. For me, the drapery is overly ostentatious. But the leadership wanted to set us aside from the Imperial Navy…..A low sigh escaped his lips as he pinches the bridge of his nose.….Well, they have at that.

”I have been speaking with a man from the 26th fleet, the Starfleet detachment assigned to this Starbase. He’s encouraged me to record my thoughts and feelings in my personal database. It’s a human predilection, but I thought that it would do no harm to indulge the practice, if even only the once.”

H’Val sits back, relaxing in the chair.

”I remember the day I left for the Imperial academy. The training, the harsh routine, the loyal service to the empress. My father was so proud. But I could no longer serve Sela. Her actions brought The Empire to wrack and ruin and nearly doomed the Romulan people to be consigned to the annals of history.”

H’Val sighs as he lowers himself gently into the seat. He appears to be lost in reflection. He continues speaking, almost unthinking, the unbidden thoughts tumbling from his lips.

”I told my father that I could not follow the Empress any longer. That what she was planning was madness and that to try to rule the remnants of the Empire with an iron fist was fruitless. I had been to the outer colonies like Virinat. I had seen the suffering, the harsh life, barely etching out a living diet on barren rocks.”

His expression hardens almost instinctively at the remembered argument.

”When I expressed my true feelings….we argued. We railed against one another, him calling me a traitor for contemplating breaking my oath to the Empress….me calling him one for breaking his oath to serve and defend the People. We haven’t spoken since that day.”

The reverie continues, with H’Val recounting the events of the last decade in rapid succession.

”When I left the Empire, I was a Riov, with command of a D’Deridex and one of the best crews in the Imperial Star navy. But they were fiercely loyal to the Empire. Staunchly blinded by their oath. I remember the day I left. I turned to my first officer. A man named Tolurk. I told him that I had been given a mission of the utmost importance and that I could not give him any details. I had him prepare a shuttle with a cloaking device while I sought a pilot who’s loyalty had waivered like my own. I felt like a vang'radamai dog, skulking though my own vessel for another who would betray their oath.”

A photo is visible on the desk, the only ornament in the sparse office. The image is distorted due to the angle that we see it at, but H’Val can be made out smiling an hugging a Romulan woman, though both are in threadbare clothing. His eyes drift lazily to the picture.

”Jelran. She was the most….vivacious person I have ever known. After we landed on the colony, there was a ruckus. People were distrustful…and I can’t really blame them…Two Imperial officers landing in an Imperial shuttle unannounced. We handed the shuttle, and all the intelligence that we could offer and, after several weeks, we were allowed to join the general populace. There were scuffles, arguments, and for a long time we were rejected by the people of the colony. Oh, they would sell us supplies, and buy our wares, what little we could produce, but there was no social interaction.”

He pushes himself out of the chair, walking slightly out of frame. He continues speaking as we see him fidgeting with the tunic button and slowly peel off the tunic.

”I remember the day that changed……or at least, started to. We were in the market, searching for fresh kelar root and Viinerine. It had been nearly impossible to find on the border worlds for years, but it didn’t stop us looking. I remember we were at the vegetable seller’s stall when a scream went up. The blacksmith nearby. There was smoke billowing from it completely uncontrolled.”

Placing his hand against his neck, H’Val stretches his neck to what is almost a painful looking angle.

”I think that day, the whole settlement was out in force trying to fight that fire. Bucket chains, hoses….everything. Despite our efforts, the smith’s shop was lost, but there was an odd bonding between those that had tried to save it. Suddenly, Jelran and I…..we were part of the settlement. We lived there happy for many seasons, but then….Virinat. The Tal Shiar in their quest for power…they levelled the colony. I spoke to the governor that day and told him of my experience as a Commander in the Imperial Navy. I know this seems odd, but he asked me to take command of the Mogai Warbird they had stationed at the colony. The R.R.W. Ecurai. The acting commander was a young man, experienced in militia tactics, but not in starship command. I took on the post, under the rank of Subcommander and spent several weeks patrolling the system. There was one attempted incursion by the Tal Shiar, but they turned back as soon as they detected us on approach.”


Sighing heavily, he finishes stretching. Sitting in the chair a little languidly, he continues to recount his tale.

”For the next few years, we fought off the Tal Shiar and assisted the Republic Navy where we could. We were given several opportunities to give up the service, and return home, but not a man or woman amongst us chose it, despite the pressure and the missed loved ones.”

He idly strokes the portraits’ frame.

”But here we are, assigned to the Threir detachment of our Starfleet allies in the Outback. We’ve been running a planetary survey for the last few weeks, with the idea to establishing a colony out here, but that will be up to Riov Xerel...”

The intercom chirps, interrupting the sentence.”Subcommder, we have lost contact with Starbase 381. We’ve been unable to re-establish communication, but we have received a message from the Starfleet ship Ramillies to return to base.”H’Val taps the controls for the comm eagerly.

”Acknowledged. Reverse course. Return to Praetorian. Computer, end log.”

Subcommander H'Val Solok
R.R.W. Ecurai
Viper (Gamma) Squadron



Check out H'Vals Biography here

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