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United Federation of Planets

Starfleet Command

Office of the Fleet Admiral and Starfleet Joint Chiefs

Starfleet Command
All Fleet Admiralty, Starship Commanders and Command Staff

Purpose: To establish an updated guideline and protocol on behavior, actions and expectations for Starfleet Ship Board Personnel in a Post-War atmosphere. And to give Commanders an update on the current status of situations occurring throughout regions of space under current Federation influence.

Fleets currently and intending to adopt the revised Starfleet Uniform Code Subsection 1, previously established under Revision 120.2c are to update their policies in accordance with this section of the memorandum.

Fleets still enacting Subsection 2, Paragraph 1 may disregard this section.

Commander Variant:
As of now only Starfleet Officers of Captain rank may utilize this uniform variant outside of their immediate command (ie. Starfleet Headquarters, Starfleet Academy, Starbases and Federation Embassies). Commanders of Lieutenant to Commander rank will be expected to wear the grey shoulder variant when visiting Starfleet Facilities. Commanders regardless of rank are still permitted to utilize the white shoulder variant of the Odyssey Uniform onboard their respective vessels or facilities (ie. Research Facilities and Listening Posts).

Diplomatic Corps Uniform:
Only Commanders and their Command Staff that have completed the Starfleet Diplomacy Course and the Advanced Diplomacy Course may utilize the Diplomatic Corps Uniform during Official Diplomatic functions. Officers and Enlisted Personnel are to continue utilizing the Dress Uniform. Commanders and Command Staff are not authorized to use the Diplomatic Corps Uniform for other official functions (ie. Inspections, Promotions and Fleet Ceremonies).

Fleet Patches:
Fleet Patches signifying Unit pride and association are now fully authorized and recognized by Starfleet Command. Fleet Patches must be authorized by Fleet Command. Fleets partaking in using Fleet Patches must establish a patch that will be used by all respective Personnel within said Fleet. Individual Patches for Starships and Starbases are not authorized.

Starbase and Ship Board Operations:

Shift Operations:
As per SR 371-5.3 regarding delegation of command aboard a Starfleet Starship and Starbase. Commanders are charged with the command of Alpha shift while Executive Officers are charged with command of Beta shift. Executive Officers presence may still be required on the Bridge during Alpha shift per the Commanding Officers prerogative. Command of Gamma shift must fall under a member of the Command Staff Ensign and above. The Commander may appoint a single Officer or delegate a rotation for Gamma shift. It is the Commanding Officers prerogative to assign more shifts and utilize a 36 hour day if need be.

All on-coming Bridge/Ops Staff will be expected to appear and receive a briefing 15 minutes prior to shift change in the Command Deck Briefing Room by the off-going Commander. It is the prerogative of the Commanding Officer to utilize formalities (ie. Change of Command).

Operational Security:
The Bridge/Ops is off limits to anyone without sufficient clearance and clear purpose. This has been a long standing standard and policy in Starfleet. But recent events has established the need to remind Commanders and their Staff of the importance of this policy. In the event of an emergency the Bridge/Ops will go on lockdown. And only upon the order of the Commanding Officer or Command Staff will the lockdown be lifted. Unauthorized Personnel and visitors are restricted access.

M.A.C.O. Attachments:
During the Klingon-Federation War many Fleets conducting operations in Eta Eridani, Psi Velorum and Gamma Orionis began carrying M.A.C.O. Squads and Companies for the purpose of deploying them in Planet-Side Operations. They quickly became an invaluable asset in Operations requiring precision strikes on enemy assets. M.A.C.O. Squads also proved to be invaluable during Ship to Ship Combat acting as Boarding Parties when the need arose and fighting off Enemy Boarding Parties. While the Klingon-Federation War has come to a Cease-Fire. The new threats posed in the Delta Quadrant with the Malon, Hirogen, Hierarchy and Vaadwaur has pressed Starfleet Command into widening their use of M.A.C.O. Special Operations.

As more M.A.C.O Special Operations Detachments become available to Starfleet they will be deployed and attached to the Fleets and Task Forces with the highest need operating in the Delta Quadrant. Size of these Units will depend on the space available on Starships. With the smallest sized element being a Squad and the largest a Company. M.A.C.O. Special Operations Command will operate out of the Dyson Joint Command and individual deployed M.A.C.O. Battalion HHCs will operate out of Delta Quadrant Command. Commanders should utilize proper channels to request M.A.C.O. assets. Direct any inquiries to the respective Fleet Personnel Office. Fleet Admirals should make inquiries with Starfleet Command and Starfleet Special Operations Command in that order.

Operation: Delta Rising:

Diplomatic Engagements:
Starfleet Commanders are expected to tread carefully in the Delta Quadrant. While hostilities have increased due to the lack of stability in the region. And Commanding Officers are authorized to use any force necessary to protect their crew. The objective in the Delta Quadrant is to explore, seek out new life and undo any unforeseen damage done by the original crew of Voyager. It is imperative that Commanders get off to a good start with Delta Quadrant Civilizations. Diplomacy should always be the first option. Even when dealing with known hostile contacts. The Federation is no longer At War and has returned to Peace-Time Operations. M.A.C.O. Assets are to be used as Force Multipliers but are not excuses to act aggressively. We are visitors in the Delta Quadrant and it is important to abide by the laws of local civilizations.

Hostile Actions:
Due to the instability of the Delta Quadrant, in particular the Vyntadi and Tekara Regions, Starfleet Command is anticipating hostile actions to occur between Commanders and known hostile species such as the Kazon and Vaadwaur. Starfleet Command expects Commanders to take appropriate action in these incidents and to attempt to defuse situations with diplomacy before taking hostile action. If hostile actions are unavoidable than disabling the enemy is preferable. If that too is not an option Starfleet Command is fully authorizing Commanders in the Delta Quadrant to use deadly force to protect their crew.

Establishing Alliances:
It is imperative that Commanders in the Delta Quadrant establish alliances where they can be found. And work through any issues that may conflict with Federation and Starfleet interests. Commanders are authorized to offer assistance where they are able and open up talks regarding future trade. Commanders making first contact and re-introducing the Federation to civilizations once in contact with Voyager have the opportunity to establish stable and long-lasting relationships with Delta Quadrant Species. These alliances are vital to the interest of the Federation and are deemed a priority by Starfleet Command.

With the situation in the Delta Quadrant changing by the moment. Accurate and steady intel is a necessity for Starfleet to operate safely and effectively in the Delta Quadrant. Starfleet Command has deployed numerous Intelligence Division Assets to the Delta Quardrant Command. Commanders seeking Intelligence Officers to join their crew should make inquiries with their Fleet Personnel Office before contacting the DQC Personnel Officer.

Beta Quadrant Post - War:

Operational Tempo:
Fleets and Starship Commanders operating in the Pi Canis, Eta Eridani, Regulus and Sirius Sectors are expected to return to Peace-Time Operations. Placing Diplomacy first in all engagements and working with regional authorities to help rebuild the areas affected by the war. KDF Forces are authorized access into Federation space as long as they are conducting humanitarian aid missions and operating within the guidelines set down by the Cease-Fire Agreement. KDF Forces in violation of the agreement will be escorted out of Federation Space and handed off to KDF custody upon reaching the Neutral Zone.

Humanitarian Aid:
Humanitarian aid is a high priority for Fleets operating in the regions directly affected by the war. Dozens of Federation Planets are experiencing food shortages, clean water, waste removal, lack of medical supplies and proper shelter for its inhabitants. Supply Convoys with much needed supplies for these planets have been dispatched but with billions of Citizens suffering it just isnt enough. Starships in the region are to report to K-7 or their respective Fleet Starbases for humanitarian aid supplies and dispense them to planets they come in contact with that are in need.

Rioting and Revolts:
Currently numerous planets in Eta Eridani and Pi Canis are experiencing riots and outright revolts by populations fed up with the lack of supplies and necessities. Local Authorities and Security Forces are currently overwhelmed and request Starfleet intervention. Starship Commanders responding to distress calls or deployments to these planets are to follow protocol found in SR 926-1.1. Inhabitants are Citizens of the Federation and are to be afforded all rights found within the UFP Constitution. Individuals detained and arrested will be afforded proper care and facilities in accordance with Federation and Starfleet humane prisoner policies.

True Way Activities:
True Way Terrorists have been active in the Eta Eridani Sectors for the last year and a half due to its instability. Recent successes in seeking out and defeating True Way Terrorist Cells, including a derelict shipyard utilized by True Way as a base of operations, has sent them into hiding. While their operational capacity in the region has diminished. Intelligence is still reporting activity albeit small and sporadic. Starship Commanders are to remain on alert and engage True Way Forces when Commanders come upon them. Intelligence is also reporting that True Way funds and hardware are being funneled into active revolts throughout the region. Cardassian and Jem'Hadar weaponry are being found more often in caches on planets in open revolt. Intelligence does not believe leaders of these revolts are aware of their backers being True Way Terrorists. This is a change in True Way tactics and indicates the Terrorist group is seeking new ways of combating the Federation.

Tal-Shiar Remnants:

Civil War Aftermath:
Commanders operating in the Iota Povanis, Alpha Centauri, Psi Velorum and Tau Dewa Sectors are reporting a drop off in Tal-Shiar activity. Currently Starfleet Intelligence is unable to provide a clear picture as to why this is. It is unknown how much damage the Romulan Star Empire and Tal-Shiar have taken in this last year and a half. And if it is the root cause of the Tal-Shiar suddenly going dark. Romulan Republic Intelligence is still reporting some activity. But so far the regions once under the Romulan Star Empire has become quiet. Commanders are to keep an eye out for Tal-Shiar activities and engage them when encountered.

Humanitarian Aid:
While the Klingon-Federation War has created a shortage in supplies. Starship Commanders are still authorized to offer aid and supplies when available to Romulan Refugees and Romulan Republic member worlds. Supplies can be requisitioned at Starbase-39 or Regional Logistics at Memory Alpha when available.

Cardassian Sectors:

True Way Operations:
Commanders operating under Operation: Iron Shield are reporting similar changes in True Way tactics as seen in Eta Eridani. True Way attacks have diminished and the Terrorist Cells are now turning to other methods of striking fear into the Cardassian communities. Reports of kidnappings and assassinations have increased. With numerous local leaders and community organizers going missing or found dead. Starfleet Intelligence is investigating and intelligence reports will be issued to Commanders in the region once more information becomes available.

Detapa Council:
The Cardassian Leadership is reporting success in recent attempts to rebuild their government and civilization. Humanitarian Watchdog groups are also reporting that the Cardassians are well on their way to a full recovery. It is believed that the Cardassian Government are just a few short years from taking full command of their regions of space.

Draw-Down of Starfleet Forces:
With the recent gains of the Detapa Council and the change of tactics of the True Way and Alpha Jem'Hadar. Starfleet Command has issued orders for a draw-down of regional assets in the Alpha Trianguli, Beta Ursae and Zeta Andromedae Sectors. Starships leaving these regions will report to their Fleet Starbases for refits, shore leave, personnel transfers and to await new orders. Regional Assets remaining in Cardassian Space will be relinquishing some of their duties to Cardassian Defense Forces as they step up their operations.

Omega Fleet:

Gamma Orionis:
Omega Fleet is continuing to monitor the Borg presence in the Gamma Orionis Sectors. And for the last 8 months the Borg have remained at a distance no longer gaining ground. While Commanders still under Omega Fleet continue to regularly engage Borg Cubes, Spheres and probes when encountered. It appears the major battles that took place there 9 months ago has halted the Borgs advance.

Delta Quadrant Intelligence:
According to some of the intelligence being gathered from the Delta Quadrant. The Voth and Undine have engaged the Borg on two separate fronts. And has strained the already weakened Borgs capabilities. Which would explain the Borg suddenly halting their advancement in the Gamma Orionis Sectors. Intel indicates the Undine have only recently entered into open conflict with the Borg. And it is unclear if the Borg instigated this or the Undine saw an opportunity to eliminate an old foe. It appears the Borg and Voth came to blows some time before or shortly after the engagements Omega Fleet took part in almost a year ago. Intel is still unable to establish Borg numbers but considering what has been known since Voyagers return from the Delta Quadrant. The Borg must be suffering heavy casualties for them to halt activities far removed from Borg Space.

Re-newed Gamma Orionis Operations:
Starfleet Command hopes to take advantage of this new intel if it turns out to be true. Currently reconnaissance missions are being conducted through out Gamma Orionis in an attempt to seek out any new Borg Transwarp Conduits and establish the Borgs numbers here in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The intention is to establish the ground work for a massive operation that will repulse the Borg from this region of space for good. Hoping to take full advantage of any engagements the Borg may be involved in elsewhere. Intel Operatives in the Delta Quadrant have been ordered to seek out hard evidence the Borg, Voth and Undine are currently engaged in open Conflict.

Deferi Sectors:

Breen Task Force:
Current Patrols in the Deferi Sectors have reported no sightings of Breen Forces in mass for the last 6 months. While an occasional Breen Cruiser has been spotted the Breen have gone out of their way to avoid engagements with Federation and Klingon Forces. It is believed the most recent Borg Incursions into Defera and the region has forced the Breen to reconsider their objectives in Deferi Space.

While Humanitarian Aid from both the Federation and Klingon Empire has been steady for the Deferi home planet. The destruction caused by the Borg will take decades to repair according to analysts. Refugees has been reported flooding the surrounding regions.

Tholian Incursion:

Nukara Prime:
While the invasion by the Tholian Assembly has been thwarted the Tholians are continuing to commit incursions into Federation and Klingon Space. Tholian Fleets have also been observed in the Tau Dewa Sectors. Intelligence Reports indicate at some point in the last year Tholians engaged a Borg Fleet and may have possibly obtained Borg Technology. So far the Tholian Assembly has not attempted another invasion but their incursions are indications of their intent and that they seek to probe our defenses. Starship Commanders are ordered to engage Tholian ships when encountered.

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