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PostPosted: Sun August 10th, 2014 6:38 pm 
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Stardate 83433.17 (Friday, May 15, 2409 at 1050) - Martinique's End

The sirens for "RED ALERT" screech through the corridors of the U.S.S. Martinique. The starship is shaking the hell out of the crew on board. A lot of explosions send crew members flying.

Meanwhile on the bridge...

"SIR! Shields are down! Hull breaches on multiple decks! AAARGH!", yells an officer and is sent off into the air.
The captain of the ship, Captain Brandon W. Gee, nervously looks back: "Sharice?!"
The officer quickly recovers from the fling and heads to another console: "I'm... fine. This first officer can handle any pain." Brandon grins and keeps sitting on the shaking chair, while multiple explosions happen all around him. "Gah! DAMAGE REPORT, ENSIGN!", he commands. "Not looking too well, captain... Oh crap... Sorry, sir, but..."
"Speak up ! NOW ! WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO MY SHIP?!", yells Gee. "Umm...", the Ensign is interrupted by the computer: "WARP CORE BREACH IMMINENT! WARP CORE BREACH IMMINENT!"
The captain sighs and shakes his head, smirks towards his Ensign, while he opens a channel to all ship's personnel: "This is the captain of the U.S.S. Martinique. ALL HANDS ABANDON SHIP! I REPEAT! ALL HANDS ABANDON SHIP! ...", he closes the channel with a sigh and adds: "Lieutenant... See that cube?!" "Sir?" "Ramming speed... And ALL of you! DIDN'T YOU HEAR ME? ABANDON SHIP!"

The ship shivers and shakes. "I'm going down with her. With honor..."
Sharice Lynn Ambrosini, the first officer and head of the ship's science and medical departments, rolls her eyes and says: "Don't be crazy, Dreamwalker." Brandon grins and chuckles: "Heh. I'm not. Silverlight, listen to me: Get out! NOW! THAT'S A FREAKIN' ORDER!"
Every officer runs out of the bridge and leaves for the escape pods and shuttles, only Commander Ambrosini sits in her seat. "Yo! DUDE! SNAP OUT OF IT!", she screams and slaps Brandon. He shakes it off and furiously says: "OKAY! I GET IT! ... THANK YOU! LET'S ALL LEAVE ... By the love of... Chiche!"

Silverlight smiles and they both run out. While they're running through all the corridors, Brandon, the captain, gets hit by a projected medium-sized metal bar to the head and looses consciousness. The commander screams anxiously: "BRANDON!"

*A bright light flashes in front of Captain Brandon W. Gee's eyes*

Stardate 63059.09 (Sunday, March 08, 2387 at 0637) - Flashback: Birth

A lot of screaming is heard, followed by a crying baby. "Look at that... you did it! Doctors?", says a man.
"It's a boy. And medical scans prove, like all pre-birth scans, he's and will be one healthy kid."
"Did you hear that? Its a GEE! A BOY! MY SON! YOUR SON! Katherine! Ha ha!", cheers the new dad proud.
A young lady on the bed smiles gently: "Let me see. Let me see..."
The doctor hands over the baby, wrapped up in a towel, to the mother on the bed. "Aww... Jefferson... Jeff... He just looks like the Commander and father I love and married. What should we call him? Its a boy. And we made a deal. I pick the girls, you the boys.", she chuckles exhausted. Jefferson smiles and says: "Brandon. Brandon William Gee."

Stardate 81303.86 (Friday, January 19, 2407 at 1037) - First day at Starfleet Academy...

"That girl suuuure is cute... And I'm not just talking about her body. Her eyes... Awesome...", says a deep voice of a young man. "I agree with you, Brandon. Your comment is very logical. But Vulcans...", says a dark-skinned Vulcan, but is interrupted by Brandon's laughing: "Tonus. I know, I know. But even for a Vulcan, you do have a good sense of taste for Human girls or rather as you call 'em females." "Adapting to your culture is important and your females are, like you say, 'cute'." Brandon laughs louder, nearly the whole hall could hear it: "Hah! Is my best friend, Cadet Tonus of Vulcan, developing Human feelings, eh?" Tonus, without emotion, adds: "Highly illogical. We do not, under any circumstances, feel love, hate or such." His Human friend shrugs and looks at the digital clock. "Whatever you say, pal... Come on. We don't want to be late for our very first lesson."

Later in class...

"Alright, class! Take your seat!", commands a Saurian lecturer, "May I introduce myself? I am Captain Dodeki Choka and today I'll be introducing you all to...", he pauses, "SCIENCE!"
Brandon and Tonus sit down next to each other. "... This seems... interesting. Even for a future Tactical Officer?"
Tonus then adds: "Every officer should know, what research and a sensor is. I, too, am a Tactical Officer, remember?" Brandon chuckles. "Sure thing, pal... And -", and again, Brandon being interrupted by the same girl the two cadets saw before, "Is-is this seat taken?" Brandon looks up to the long-haired girl. "Uhh... S-S-Sure. Help yourself..." The girl only smiles. He then whispers to his Vulcan friend: "My heart just stopped there for a second... She's even in our same class!" "Highly illogical... If your cardio-", Brandon slaps the mouth of Tonus. "You should be a Science officer..."
The girl leans in and listens to them and chuckles: "Science Officer? I'm studying that! ... Sharice Lynn Ambrosini. I guess, we'll be sharing the same seats from now on." Brandon smiles: "Oh... Sorry. Brandon William Gee. Aspiring to be a Tactical Officer." Tonus lenses to the girl and nods: "Tonus. Also Tactical Officer."
Sharice's smile gets wider and says, last but not least: "Pleased to meet you both."

Stardate 82443.12 (Wednesday, April 16, 2408 at 1526) - Dreamwalker

"CLASS! ON ME!", yells an officer. His voice bounces off the walls, creating a loud echo. Stomping boots of running cadets are heard across the shuttle bay. A half circle of cadets is formed. All having a proud stance of discipline: A parade resting stance - Hands behind there back.
"Very good. Now.", the commanding officer pauses, "ATTEN-TION!", he yells and the cadets, in a echoing snap, take the well-known 'Attention' stance.
A higher officer, the rank of an Admiral, walks up the the officer and salutes. A sign, that he's taking over the class. "Repose!", commands the Admiral and the cadets take on the resting stance. "Alright, cadets! Today we'll be sending you off to a diplomatic assignment. It's going to be a test and also extremely, and by extremely I mean, not the usual Death scenarios in the simulators, you are going to experience death LIVE! ... Exciting, huh?", the Admiral, still delivering a serious and scary look upon the cadets. He then spots Brandon and smirks: "We do have a Dreamwalker, that loves to doze off in simulations, after some wild nights.", the class laughs and the Admiral yells: "SILENCE! Most of you are going to be together on a ship, and some of you will be meeting new people... Here we go. Paula Nastranovich..."

A voice from the group of cadets yelling: "SIR!" and a girl runs into a shuttle. Brandon whispers to Sharice, standing to the right of him: "How long will she last?" Sharice smiles: "On the last science assignment she got a nervous breakdown... I'm saying a day or two." Brandon then turns to Tonus, without asking the same question, Tonus answers: "Three point five days." "... I never bet with you. You always win.", says Brandon. Tonus then says: "... How many nights have you two spent being emotionally attached to each other?" Brandon's grin turns into a frown and lenses to Sharice. She then smiles and says: "Five point three months... Pretty bad at mathematics for a wanna-be Captain, 'oh ye mighty' Captain Gee..." She then quietly shoves Brandon. He smirks. "CADET AMBROSINI, CADET TONUS AND CADET GEE!", yells the Admiral after a while. Sharice gulps. "That's me... US?!" She and Brandon smile at each other, and all three of them say together: "YES, SIR!"

While the three run into the shuttle, Brandon then looks at Tonus, and the Vulcan adds: "Success eighty-three percent."
"Eighty-three?" Sharice then chuckles: "The other percent is, if we two get to wild..." Tonus nods.
The Admiral then yells at the team: "HOOOOOOOOLD IT YOU THREE! ... CADET GEE!"
Brandon rolls his eyes and runs out the shuttle to the commandant: "Yes, sir. Cadet Gee, sir?" The Admiral then smiles: "Your scores in history and diplomacy are pretty high for a young student." "Thank you, sir." "You will be Squad leader." "Thank you, sir!", the cadet was prepared to run off, but the commandant yells again: "GEE! I WASN'T FINISHED... Did I say anything about being DISMISSED?" "No, SIR! SORRY, SIR!" "Good... I'm also awarding you the title 'Special Envoy'. You have high-security clearance along the way. Keep up the good work and you may keep that title... I've got an eye on you and your two friends. Now: DISMISSED!"
Brandon then runs back to the shuttle. Tonus then says, as usual, with no sign of any emotion: "Congratulations."
Sharice cheers and claps: "Told ya, that you were special! ... But "Dreamwalker" never listens to his friends."

Stardate 83699.41 (Saturday, August 29, 2409, 0830) - Graduation Day, Class of 2409

"Here we go! Graduation Day! Let's go!", says Brandon and is about to run out his dorm. Sharice holds him by his arm and stops him: "Woah there, tiger! Let's wait for Tonus... A Vulcan is usually...", a deep voice then says: "Late? No. Punctual as always. Dreamwalker, Silverlight.", he nods and walks off. Silverlight pouts and says: "I guess those names will be our call signs for the rest of our careers... And mine is only random...", she then looks to Brandon, "...not like yours, sleepy head." Sharice then kisses him on the cheek. Brandon then looks at her while walking towards the turbo lift: "You know that we broke up two weeks ago?" She smiles: "You did, I didn't... We are on the same ship and same squad. You'll never get rid of us. Fate binds us."
Tonus, once again, says: "Illogical. There is no such thing as fate. All squads and teams are based on the scores in exams."
Sharice sighs and rolls her eyes: "Damn it, Tonus! Have a little faith and don't calculate every single moment." "It's my duty to calculate every opportunity as a Starfleet Officer, Miss Silverlight." Dreamwalker just smiles and gets slapped on the back of his head. "What are you smiling about, Ensign Gee?", she says. "Just having faith...", says Brandon.


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Ensign Dreamwalker
Medical Division, Alpha Squad
12th Fleet, United Federation of Planets
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*Another white, bright light covers the scenery*

Stardate 83433.17 (Friday, May 15, 2409 at 1050) - Martinique's End, Part II

"BRANDON!", screams a loud voice of a woman. Dreamwalker sits up, rubs the right side of his head and shakes it off. "Huh? What just...happened... Ouch..." Sharice, one of Dreamwalkers loyal officers, lifts him under his right arm and keeps on running and scanning. "Minor concussion, minor fractures on left arm and right leg. Come on, Soldier!", she says, Brandon, full of emotions of vengeance and adrenalin, limps as fast as he can.
They run around corners, dodge and protect each other. They reach a dead end, the door seems to be jammed. Brandon types all security codes. "GAH!", he yells and starts to curse all kinds of 'unholy' words on French, Russian, English and German. "Force fields up! That should keep us save... for awhile. How's the door doing?", she asks.
"DOES IT LOOK OKAY, TO YOU? I'M TRYING EVERY SINGLE SECURITY CODE!". Silverlight lets her tricorder fall and stands quietly still, for a fracture of a second and falls to her knees and sobs: "You've... you've changed, Gee. Since you've got your Rear Admiral pip... You... you rising up the ranks like the speed of light and treating everyone like ... you know." Brandon stops banging the door and looks to Sharice, he walks over to her, the ship still shaking and shrieking its siren and continuously gaining impulse speed. He then kneels down to her and holds her shoulders. "I'm just doing my job and not risking any loss. Being attached to someone and loosing that person would be hard enough. We both experienced that a lot."

Sharice, still sobbing, stands up. Suddenly the ship shakes harder and both fall onto each other. "... I guess, this is how we die. First Officer and Captain.", he says and smirks. "Sure. As long as you l-..."
The door suddenly blasts open and Tonus stands there with an assault rifle. "I heard a banging. Last shuttle is waiting for us! That's an order!"
Brandon nods and pulls up Sharice, the three run into the shuttle bay and fly out. "Thank you, Commander Tonus. Glad to have you at our side." "Always helping my companions. It is fate that binds us.", he says.

The ship, not even reaching the targeted Borg cube, explodes in bits and pieces. Brandon reaches for the console and opens a channel to all shuttles: "ALL SHUTTLES REPORT!"
One shuttle reports: "Sir. We're missing Ensign Erradeh. No life signs of him on the other shuttles either."
Brandon stands there. Shocked. Paralyzed and closes the channel. "He... he just gra-graduated from the
a-academy two months ago. Only a seventeen year-old Saurian...", he says shocked. The captain then slams the wall. Again, he curses, this time on Klingon: "QI'yaH". Tonus turns his head away from him and continues keeping control of the shuttle. Sharice also turns away and performs medical scans.
Brandon takes a deep breath and says: "Casualties?! Now. Numbers. I want numbers! How many are K.I.A.?"
Tonus then says: "Scan say 150 from 200... Setting course to Sol system, sir?" Gee nods and says quite: "Yeah... Sure... Take over the squads, commander... You're in command for now..." Tonus opens the channel and communicates the coordinates to Earth Spacedock.

Brandon then kneels beside Sharice and helps her with all the medical duties. "Didn't know, you were good at Science and at being a medic.", she says with a smirk. "I'm... not...", he says. "There, there, Dreamie... Next coffee is on me. But first, we'll gonna get you fixed up..."

Stardate 84499.46 (Tuesday, July 13, 2410, 1404) - Earth Spacedock, U.S.S. Leipzig

"CAPTAIN ON THE BRIDGE!", yells a voice and saluting, and takes the right seat of the Captain's Chair. Brandon sighs and walks over to his new chair. "Alright, we've got to set this straight! No one! I SAY, NO ONE, CALLS ME BY THE RANK!", he takes a deep breath, takes his seat and heavily breaths out, saying in a commanding: "I'm either Brandon, Gee or Dreamwalker! CLEAR?!" The whole bridge yelling all at once: "YES, SIR!"
Silverlight then shoves Brandon with her left elbow: "So? How does it feel to be Starfleet Veteran and Vice Admiral? Don't forget, you beated the Captain's rank of your dad. Proud?"
Brandon sighs. "Please. Don't remind me. Starfleet sure likes giving out ranks these days... I'm guessing all the Vice Admirals are running out. But one thing is sure: I'm not doing any paper work. That's our new Lieutenant Commander Thirins job..." The Andorian moans: "Hey! Easy there!"
The Admiral laughs. "Just kidding, LC."
He then opens a channel from his seat to engineering: "Two of Five, status report?" "All up and running. Warp core unscratched." Brandon smiles: "Keep up the good work, Commander." He closes the channel and looks to Sharice. Tonus then sits on the left seat and Brandon turns his head to his Vulcan friend: "Status, Commander?" "Ready to depart." "Commander Ambrosini?", he then says. "Anytime." "Good... Helm? Our next coordinates? Lieutenant Wire?"
The android then answers: "Coordinates set to the Kassae System, Gee."
"What are you waiting for? Go for it! Let's try this baby!"

The Odyssey class, U.S.S. Leipzig, warps out the Sol System and so the journey continues...


=/\= ==================================== =/\=
Ensign Dreamwalker
Medical Division, Alpha Squad
12th Fleet, United Federation of Planets
=/\= ==================================== =/\=

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Very nicely written.

Retired Command Officer
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