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 Post subject: Fiction ~Dreams
PostPosted: Mon July 21st, 2014 8:16 am 
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I have been gone for over a year and a half. Much has changed in that time and I awoke the other night able to fully recall a dream I had in the world of Star Trek. As I have young children and my work keeps me up at odd hours I have found sleep hard to come by. Here is an excerpt of this dream:

The stars blink no closer here than on earth but seated here, on Earth Spacedock, they sure appear that way.

“Commander Vanir, he will see you now.” A sharp dressed nurse glanced up from her console to address me.

As I entered the sterilized looking chamber, I realized I was to sit in this… cradle. The chair looked like an exploded human shell. A rather odd contraption to climb into and more ominous than any scan or medical procedure I have had to endure.

"Hey Von." The cool handed doctor pressed the hypo spray to my neck before I even saw him, "Your world is about to change.” I realized it was my own smug doctor, assigned to me for this new mission. “Did you know that with these new nanites your life expectancy just jumped to five hundred and fifty seven?" Suddenly the cradle closed and I was locked into a tight warm darkness.

The momentary pressure was more like pain now and a surge of fire ran through my veins. Soon the thousands of nanites hit my heart. An indescribable fire worked its way to my every cell. I tried to speak and surprisingly my voice came out as if amplified, "Yeah Mako. Just where did they get that exact number from?"

"Exact would be five hundred fifty seven years, three months, four days, one hour, and three seconds. But, if I say it that way most people would think I was a Vulcan, and while I like their green blood and all, I still prefer my own altered hemoglobin."

"Why did they make this stuff legal again?"

"Well Von, the galaxy is smaller than it once was with all kinds of doom and gloom, death at every door and with the Xindi, the Undine, and the Iconian’s now showing up and all… Well, I guess science just always wins."

The human shaped pressure cooker cracked open, "I guess." I rubbed the injection sites, not from any pain, but as a matter of habit and was glad to be done with this. It was after all the last stop before being officially placed in command of my own ship.

The Vesta class was almost designed for this type of mission. With the aid of science officers from The Romulan Empire, the New Vulcan Science Academy and the Federation this retrofit was designed for a crew of just five. Yeah that’s right a ship that was designed for science exploration and a crew of seven hundred and fifty now was able to be maintained with ease by five, and ran by one. Starfleet saw fit to assign a complement of fifty science officers, but this was not to be a mission of normal parameters. This should prove to be an interesting assignment. I am glad for the new Soong-type B-5 android work force at my disposal, but their lack of self-awareness is disturbing. That and they all hum that same tune from the H.M.S. Pinafore at exactly the same moment each day. Rear Admiral Data assured me his creations would one day obtain sentience as he had, but in the meantime its… well, let's just say it is a learning experience.

"You alright there Von?"

"Oh yeah doc, just getting use to the little guys." I realize I was lost in thought and I was still rubbing the injection sights.

"Everything checks out. Your clear for transport, I’ll be up in a few. I just have a few last things to grab. You can use the."

I didn't let him finish. I swiped my wrist control and instantly began to beam to my highly modified ship, the UA Nightwatch. (United alliance)

Let me know if I should keep going

Expo: Gamma Squad

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