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STARFLEET PERSONNEL FILE Canton, Clayton C. ZT-546-294
Division: Command, formerly Science
Rank: Captain
Current Assignment: Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Palamedes NCC-93614-C
Date of Birth: 7th April 2370
Parents: Muriel and Zane Canton
Birthplace: Ganyurgil, Promixa Colony
Education: University of Alpha Centauri 2387-2391 (SM in Applied Warp Theory), Starfleet Academy 2391-2396

Psychological Profile
Stubborn, independent, incisive and more than a little narcissistic, Clayton Canton is a demanding and occasionally domineering personality. He expects his superiors to display, and act upon, excellent intelligence, and his subordinates to perform at maximum efficiency. When faced with a contrary situation, Canton is noted to display sarcasm and sardonicism to his superiors (the term 'know-it-all' comes up often in disciplinary reports) and be dismissive, though never cruel, to his inferiors. Luckily, this perfectionism is balanced with a gift for introspection which tempers the more fierce aspects of Canton's personality. Amongst those in whom he has placed his trust, Canton can be charming, humorous, and very supportive.

Service Record
2391: Enlists Starfleet Academy
2393: Switches major from Command division to Science
2395: Subject of formal inquiry on counts of insubordination and breaches of Cadet Honor Code. Demerits issued, but no formal reprimand.
2397: Graduates Starfleet Academy, commissioned as Ensign, assigned to the Corgal research center
2402: Assigned to U.S.S. Farragut (NCC-60597-B), first deep space posting
2405: Assigned to U.S.S. Freya (NCC-92625)
2409: Promoted to Lieutenant, assigned command of U.S.S. Freya (NCC-92625)
2410: Promoted to Captain, assigned command of U.S.S. Temeraire (NCC-93592)
2411: Assigned command of U.S.S. Palamedes (NCC-93614-C), leaves Science division for Command

C.C. Canton was born to Muriel and Zane Canton, members of the Ganyurgil commune of the human colony at Proxima Centauri. Though his parents were naturally gifted telepaths, members of the New Human movement, Clayton exhibited no extrasensory powers. Left out of the introspective community's mindlink, Clayton turned to education and sports, excelling in his studies of biology and advanced physics while serving as point guard on his school's Sector Champion basketball team. Upon graduation, he enrolled in the University of Alpha Centauri's department of Quantum Physics, with a minor in medical biology.

During his second year of study, he became involved with Professor Kzolye's secretive Project: Polychrome. The project's goal was to use the static warp bubble phenomenon to enhance human capabilities via thought-influenced parallel realities. Clayton was under the impression that this was intended to aid those born with physical and mental handicaps without violating Federation bans on genetic engineering. However, when Kzolye and his acolytes allied themselves with renegade human separatists to obtain a warp-capable ship for human experimentation, Clayton realized the potentially disastrous consequences of unregulated experiments in universe creation. Clayton turned himself and the project in to Federation authorities, who put a stop to the entire affair. For his part in the experiments, Canton was offered a choice: imprisonment in a penal colony on Earth, or enlistment in Starfleet.

Clayton chose service over incarceration, and enlisted in Starfleet. His talent and education, however, marked him as a candidate for Starfleet Academy, and he was quickly moved to San Francisco as a Command candidate. Older than most enrollees, and distrusting of authority figures after his experiences with his uninvolved family and Project: Polychrome, Clayton was something of a lone wolf. Despite superlative grades and a number of commendations for excellence in study, he switched focus from Command division to Science division out of a desire to continue his doctoral studies in Warp Theory, with additional training as a medic. Clayton was notorious amongst his peers and educators for his perfectionist tendencies, acid wit, and natural ability at coordinating others.

On stardate 72198.17, Clayton was the subject of a disciplinary board hearing. He was accused of being the ringleader of a campus association dedicated to the game 'TachyTag', wherein scanners are used to predict the site of a tachyon emission from several hours in the future, then track the emission to discover the target and 'assassinate' them with toy phasers. Clayton plead guilty to the charges, but refused to finger any other members of the club. In his defense, he demonstrated how the activity had enabled him to pass Academy particle collection tests in the highest percentile. He was issued demerits, but not formally reprimanded. This was but one in a series of incidents that extended his stay at San Francisco by nearly two semesters.

Nonetheless, he graduated with honors in 2397, and was commissioned as an Ensign at the research center at Corgal II. After several years as a researcher, Clayton was tapped to serve on the deep space vessel Farragut as a junior science officer. He served three years aboard before transferring to the frontline cruiser U.S.S. Freya as a medic. After four years service in the Freya's sickbay and laboratories, Clayton was forced to take command of the Freya during the Borg attack at Vega Colony. Since then, Clayton has skirted the line between independence and insubordination as a member of Admiral Jorel Quinn's taskforce. Clayton, his crew, and their ship have served since 2409 with distinction across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, serving the Federation in battle, as researchers, and as explorers in a dangerous universe.

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