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Spoiler: show
Name: Solomon Sagi Malic
Race: Trill (Joined)
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 55878.31 (Sunday 2379, 5, 13) Age: 35
Place of Birth: Santa Catalina Island – Earth
Career: F.D.T.I. Task Force D.010 CO (Tactical)
Rank: Vice Admiral
Ship: NX-96716-F U.S.S. Santa Catalina - F
Ship Class: Mealstrum/Tempest Class Hybird
Fleet: 12th Fleet – Medical – Delta Squad
- Intelligence\Counter Intelligence
- Special Combat Tactics
- Temporal Sciences Relative and Applied – Research Classified

Major accomplishments:
- Star Date: 68055.5 (Sat. 2392, 8, 15) Creation of  – Device Classified – Recruited to Starfleet Academy Red Squad as a Command Tactical Officer with a Science Specialization
Personal Log: 68055.5 (Sat. 2392, 8, 15)
WOW. I’m So excited after get back  Log heavily redacted

- Star Date:

- Star Date: 84649.8 (2410, 9, 11) – Appointed Commanding Officer of Federation Department of Temporal Investigation’s Task Force Directive 010, this appointment was accompanied with a promotion to Vice Admiral.
Personal Log: 84649.8 (2410, 9, 11)
Admiral Solomon S. Malic, CO. Task Force D.010 a division of F.D.T.I. and Captain of NX – 96716 – F U.S.S. Santa Catalina - F, a Mealstrum/Tempest Hybrid Class Fleet Portal Escort Refit. The toys are awesome but the threat of another temporal cold war is at hand. This time there seem to be more players D.010 is the tip of the sword in this war, tasked with maintaining the timeline by hunting down and peacefully apprehending those found to be guilty of temporal incursion.
Just call me Captain, all that Admiral business is for someone that Captain’s a desk. I fly a federation star ship, tip of the sword and it's the best job in the universe.

Some History:
Born on earth to the Trill ambassador's Carnmar Grac and Aurora Kaku. My family comes from a long line of ambassador's I myself am a more action oriented person. When I told my parents that I was joining Starfleet as a Tactical Officer my mother cried (she failed her biggest diplomatic mission, raising me to be an ambassador) but pops he understood. I think that he lives vicariously through me and a few of my officers. I did however make a promise to mom to become an ambassador before I was done so I work on my diplomatic skills here and there. But my eye has always been on the captain’s chair.

I think it is my up bring, I was immersed in human and Trill culture and by the time my parents tried to steer me to be, “a bit more sensible” (or a better Trill is more what I heard) I was far too gone. With hero’s the likes of Captain Benjamin Sisko, Kirk, Superman and Batman from the comics, and a love of Earth’s late twenty and early twenty-first century’s; oh and Dax (my all-time favorite worm) I loved bringing that worm up any time I got the, “Sensible” speeches.

I have to say that growing up in a neighborhood was nice. I have friends… a group of us, that from age three through academy graduation have been not only there for one another, but near as well. The closes of us are all within the task force which makes for a good working environment, most days. The team chemistry is off the charts which is why they allow us to stay together; that’s my story and you know…
It would seem that all the tales worthy of telling are classified or heavily redacted. Also are reason for keeping my team together at this point there just isn’t anyone to talk to about our work.

Task Force D. 010 By: J. H. Mc Cowan Jr. (JC)
Finding the Right Stuff

-After sixteen months of searching through Starfleet’s active officers for a helmsmen with solid training and a nice bit of initiative, nada. Talyn, really! What has Starfleet Academy been doing!?

I sigh, pushing my hands over my white newly close cropped fade, and checkin’ it out in the mirror Joe “The Razor” Matheson is holding. The Razor is a highly advanced Photonic life form, a hologram that has been with me for the last twenty-two years. Satisfied I lean back knitting my fingers under the Barber’s bib letting the nineteen-thirties Barber’s chair take my weight. Getting settled in for a nice old-school hot towel, lather and straight razor shave; the best way I know to relax.

-Now Sol, someone who knows when an order is an order or just a suggestion, when improvisation is needed and, a will to see home; not so by the book that he’ll get us all killed. Not so green he has something to prove, and not so vetted he can’t learn a new trick or two. You knew the name sixteen months ago just had to prove to the Council that she was the only one ready.

Joe takes the towel to my face, I exhale relaxing deeper.

-Talyn, I got them to let me build this task force that answers and reports only to the council. I have to do a bit of hoop jumpin’ and due diligence to prove I was and still am the right man for this job.

Relaxing in her usual spot at the baby grand riffin’ on old earth Rhythm –N- Blues and Jazz, right now she’s very much into Stevey Wonder, Ray Charles, Bebe King and Eric Clapton, making for so really good sounding stuff. My XO Captain Talyn Malic an Andorian, longtime friend, academy class mate and one of only three people that can get away with calling me Sol; Lady knows me better that any one, in one case even better than I know myself. But that’s a story for another time.

-I just thought that you had a bit of a longer leash that’s all.

-Even I have a boss Ta.

-So I see. Sol

Joe takes to lathering me up, then with hands as smooth and steady as the piano in the background starts to take the blade to my skin.

-So Sol, She’s really on it today, would you like the fella’s to join her?
I open my eyes, look at Joe and wink twice, the fella’s (the Marsalis brothers, Slide Hampton, Janet Harris, and Mike “Turtle” Harris) join her and the sweetness gets even sweeter.
An unpolished beautiful insanely larger diamond; This, is why I find myself on the way to Deep Space Nine, to daft into service an enfant terrible; that at the age of eleven had bested more than a hand full of Starfleet’s best Ships and Captains.

Sonen Ranomi Que-Zane an, Aenar orphan goes by Q. I first encountered her two years ago, on a trip to the badlands to collect the U.S.S. Ali a Delta Flyer I won in a bet with Admiral Blake P. Blackwell, ah a good man. Well, I get within sensor range of Blackwell’s Flag ship the U.S.S. Ulysses and they are engaging the Flyer. I hail the Ulysses and Blackwell briefs me on the situation, a rogue Aenar child that has taken the Ali and is making a run for it. We are three minutes out and all I’m thinking is that by the time we get there the Ali will be down and out, no way that ship gets away from a galaxy class under the command of an old-timer like Blackwell. Now at a minute and thirty second in I find myself admiring the little guy, almost rooting for him to make it; Almost that is my new ship were talking about. These thoughts take all of five seconds and I snap out of it, I got a thing for the underdog.

I call for red alert protocol Multi-Vector Bata one which will put me in command of the mid-deck (the Battle Bridge) of NX - nine three seven two one the U.S.S. Esparonza-B the lithest, as well as my favorite of the three sections that make up the Esparonza. The all stop, separations, regrouping and emergency beam ins and outs take all of twenty-two seconds. A good time, eight seconds under Starfleet recommendations, but that’s still nine second off the mark I set for the crew, looks like more drills are in all of our futures. I order Alpha Section to surveillance, recon and, a defensive position with the task of keeping visual and sensor contact with the Ali as well as an eye on what’s happening on the edge of the Bad Lands, things have been a bit hairy in these parts. I task Capa Section with getting a transporter lock on anyone in that ship and beaming them into a level two containment field as soon as the shields are down. As for me I’m going to see what my crew and this rogue kid are made of. This is more than a bit of over kill but the crew can use the experience, and like I said that’s my ship out there.

We over take the Flayer but the anti-tractor module prevent us from getting a lock on her. A game of cat-N-mouse it is; and she is making a dame fine mouse. We have entered the Bad Lands, when two Romulan war birds decloak, I’m more than glad I came into this on the side of over kill. The skirmish didn’t last long with the three Esparonza sections, the Ulysses, and the now decloaked Santa Catalina a Defiant class starship. Five heavily gunned ships four of them highly mobile, an immensely over gunned shuttle being piloted by what seem to be an ace; we cripple both war birds while taking light to moderate damage with no casualties.

As for the flayer I stand amazed, the pilot has taken no damage while handing out more than her share of it. This flyer has been passed between “the players” a group of five Tongo, Spades, and Poker players a ninety-two year tradition. The tradition is for the new keeper of the ship to add some new tech, so needless to say this is not your ordinary shuttle. I have to get this thing back fast. It’s a good thing that my team has been working on intergrading a capture Borg tech that drains ships shields. We employed the tech and it works to perfection with a nice side effect of adding to our own shield strength. After the Capa section has beamed the pilot out we tractor the Ali into the main shuttle bay and return the Esparonza to her "full" glory. The Jupiter Station guys have done a bang up job with this boot

-Hey Sol.
Joe brings me back from my trip down memory lane.

-Hey Joe?

-All done here, would you like the hot towel or just the aftershave?

-Hey Talyn, how much time we got?

-You know you want the hot towel and to slap the skins a bit with us.

Without skippin’ a beat in her solo she reads me aloud to the room like an open book, only with her. This woman and her ability to read me is so creepy sometimes. I’m tempted to go the aftershave route and skip joining in on the jam session but what good would it do we all know that she’s right, so I take the hot towel and jump on the kit. It’s nice to get in a jam session, as it will soon be back to all work and little to no play. And as much as I enjoy getting back to Deep Space Nine this time I’m on the clock with my back a bit to the wall. I really need to get this kid to join the crew and I’ve gotta do it fast.

-Chief Petty Office Sonen Ranomi Que-Zane Reporting as requested.

And with that intro I now know this will be an uphill climb, maybe having her come to my ready room was not for the best she is guarded and not at all at easy. Well I better get t….

-Admiral, if I remember correctly you like it when officers speak freely to you?

-Yes Chief, your memory serves you well; speak freely please.

-I would suggest that you guard your thoughts a bit when I am around; as being Aenarian I am both telepathic and empathic. Forgive me but I have not learned to totally shut out these abilities. And yes I would have been more at easy, somewhere that gave me a bit more home field advantage.

-well, I see you have taken to human sport metaphors, have a set.

-If I recall you prefer to be called Captain correct?

-Again, correct.

-Captain I think that I can put you at easy, If you would just ask your question I will jump at the opportunity to serve under you.

-So what has changed that you are now so willing?

- Spending time re-teaching Starfleet’s top helmsmen and I use the term very loosely they’d be better describe as arrogant self-absorbed know- it-all children.

-And I bet your age isn’t helping you at all on that.

-Of course not Captain, why is it that no one but you can see past my age and judge me based on my abilities; And this just so happens to be one nice ship you’ve got yourself. I looked at the specs and I’d have to be a fool to pass on your offer to wheel that baby.

-You looked at the specs? You know those are classified with only one set of plans and those are locked away marked for my eyes only.

-Than I guess we know who leaked them to me don’t we Captain?

-I guess we do, Chief.

-The tag that read from the desk of Admiral Solomon Malic may have helped, or was it the fact that the Ali docked here twenty minutes before I found that dada pad on my bunk, with not one or two but three of your security men. One on in the hall, one across the hall and the changeling… now that was quite the test I might add.

-Well Chief it’s nice to know that you aren’t slipping in your skill set. Now the Changeling, do tell?

-It’s the advantage of being able to read and sense thoughts, and emotions.

-So why, is none of this in your personnel file?

-Not really something I want just anyone that can read my file to know, I’m telling you as you will be my commanding officer. I trust that you will keep my secret as I am keeping yours.

-I get the feeling that’s not all there is to your secret, so out with it?

-Being an orphan I didn’t have anyone to help me learn to control or use this…
She stops to search for the word she wants to use and her face fills with emotions far beyond her years. I can’t and don’t want to imagine the things that she has had to endure to learn the things that she must be feeling. She pulls her self together I think sensing my thoughts.

-I hope that you don’t think that its pity I feel for you.
Sitting she considers me tills her head slowly side to side, she exhales and sits up whatever she was thinking about she made up her mind.

-Captain, why do you trust me?

-I think that you know the answer to that but I’ll indulge you. I see more than a little of myself in you, you’re strong, both in will and stature, you’ve been through a hell of a lot, but you never stop fighting for a better future. Hell I would have adopted you had you let me.

- I know that you have been orchestrating things behind the scenes; most officers only tolerate me because you have let it be known that I am somehow under your hedge of protection. And Starfleet putting together the elite pilot training program and appointing me as master instructor… well let’s just say it was hard not to lough at the induction service so many of the upper brass were thinking of you, and not to fondly I might add. Thank you, no one has ever believed in me like this before.

She stands and asks me for my hand.

- Captain, I have something to show you.

- You can call me Malic, at least when we are not on the bridge that is. What do you have to show me?

- It’s, well I just want to share something with you; but it’s well… you’ll have to trust me.
She again puts her hand out silently asking for mine

-Stay seated it will make this easier on you, I've only done this a few times before so just relax and don’t try to do anything. Clear you mind and just watch as things unfold around you.
I clear my mind and relax, moments later I find myself emotionally drained in my chair with a highly unsettled teen, strike that, young woman holding my hands. I raise and embrace her, she stiffens, I believe out of shock then she melts into my arms, calming and settling. I’ve got to do more!

-You have my word, none of this goes on or in any record or file.

-Thank you Malic, you’ve got to stop pushing yourself to watch out for me.

-Your most welcome Q, and now that you are a part of the crew you are family.

I release her and tap her chin up.

-Yes, now you’ve got one of those.

She looks like the weight of the quadrant has been place on her shoulders, and now I am completely enlightened to why.

-Q, think on my offer, I’d be proud to call you my daughter.

- You already treat me as such, but for now I need to make my own way as much as I can. Or should I say as you’ll allow. Besides I worried about how that all will come across know with me taking the helmsmen position on your flag ship, not to mention handling the ship itself?

She said with a smile and that is telling in and of itself, welcoming the shoulders to stand on and not just going off halfcocked, head full of steam. She knows I believe in her and have her interest in mind.

-You’ll do great, remember this is the same crew that helped bring you in. We are all aware of your skills at the helm. Are you ready to see her?

-What do you think?

-Your access is in go find Talyn and she’ll get you all setup for your simulator runs.

-You think, I the Master Instructor of E.P.C.T. needs simulator runs

Arms crossed, head cocked to one side, and that I can do anything look on her face; her fire and fight are back instantly, good.

-Yep! Something like thirty-two of them and we’re on here for forty-eight of them. Dismissed Chief, and don’t break my ship.

-Computer Personal Log Supplemental. She’s been used for her gifts but never looked after and allow to blossom. Time for that to happen, I believe under the care of the crew she’ll do great things. Truth be told I’m placing the crew under her care in most ways, but she is more than ready to bloom. Computer end log.
(To Be Continued)


12th Fleet – Medical – Delta Squad
"Laws change depending on who's making them, but justice is justice." -- Odo (A Man Alone)
Bio - Solomon Malic

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