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Author:  Xelosu [ Sat March 3rd, 2012 4:36 am ]
Post subject:  Members General Rules



Law and Order:

Forum Avatars and Signatures:

Also concerning Member's General Rules:
Command Regulations, Recruitment, Fleet Bank, Fleet Ranks


Author:  Xelosu [ Mon March 12th, 2012 6:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Members


Fleet Activity Rule:
All members are required to be active both in game and on the 12th Fleet forum. To be considered "active", at least once every three months members must login to both our 12th Fleet forum and Main fleet (i.e., "12th Fleet" in the Federation faction).

Members suspected of using a bot, or similar procedure, to simply login and log off will not meet the activity requirements. Logging into Discord does not count as logging into 12th Fleet Forum for purpose of activity requirements. In-game activity is only monitored in our Main Fleet, activity in our KDF Fleet (12th Honor Guard) or Reserve Fleet (12th Reserves) does not count towards meeting the activity requirement.

Checks for activity are normally done at the end of November, February, May, and August. Any members who are in danger of being booted for inactivity are sent a warning via e-mail (to the address entered in their forum profile) at least 10 days before activity checks are done. Members who, subsequent to the reminder, still fail the login requirements will be booted from the Fleet. That is, members found to be inactive will be kicked from all 12th fleets in game (Main, Reserves, KDF), removed from 12th chat channel in game, lose any rank achieved in the fleet, put in the "Inactive" group and removed from all other forum groups in the 12th Fleet Forum. For procedures for returning to Active status after being booted for inactivity, see Application Procedure for Returning Members.

*NOTE 12th Fleet is based only in the PC version of Star Trek Online. We have no presence or fleet in the PS4 version of the game. To be an active member of our fleet you must play the PC version. Similarly, 12th is a Federation fleet. While we have a Klingon Defense Force fleet in which members may explore that alternative play style, all members are required to have at least one character in our Federation fleet which will be their main character for the purposes of tracking their activity requirement.

Division activity rules:
Divisions may make more stringent activity requirements, but they cannot increase the allowed period of inactivity beyond three months.

Author:  Xelosu [ Mon March 12th, 2012 6:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Members


Division transfer protocol:
    1) Contact the VA of division you want to transfer to and submit transfer request
    2) If that VA approves the transfer he will contact your current VA
    3) If your current VA also approves the transfer it will be completed

Author:  Xelosu [ Mon March 12th, 2012 6:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Members


What is 12th fleet policy regarding sharing game accounts?:
We will not stop you from doing so, it is your account. However, you are responsible for any misconduct that is done on your account. It is best not to share the fact that you are sharing your account, we really don't want to know. Please note that this is against the Cryptic Terms of Service.

Author:  Xelosu [ Mon March 12th, 2012 6:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Members


What is the Veterans Division?:
This is a place for long time members that no longer care about divisions and ranks but still want to be a part of the community.

Veterans Division member benefits:
  • No activity requirements
  • Prestige

Veterans Division member drawbacks:
  • No character in main fleet (though can get temporary invites to shop in Main Fleet stores)

Veterans Division Requirements:
  • Currently full Active Member (not on Inactive or Probation status)
  • History of at least 6 consecutive months as Active Member (i.e., during your entire history with the fleet you at least once met activity requirements for six consecutive months)
  • You must expressly request to transfer to Veterans (no implied requests)
  • Approval from Admiral (FXO) or Fleet Admiral

How can I join this division?:
To join the Veterans Division, you will need to contact the FXO or Fleet Admiral.

How do I transfer out of Veterans back to active duty?:
PM the VA of an active duty division to request a transfer to their division. Division Vice Admirals have discretion to grant transfer requests to their division.

Author:  Patrick [ Tue March 13th, 2012 6:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Members


  • FA | FXO - Holds all Fleet rights.
  • OPS Team - Same rights as Command, plus kick rights to be used to assist the FXO in removing inactives.
  • Command - All Vice Admirals, Rear Admirals and Fleet Captains. Full bank rights (minus Energy Credits), and ability to change some fleet settings (example MOTD).
  • Captain - All Captains (includes Command Advisors). Higher bank rights than Members, can invite to Fleet and promote to Member.
  • Member - All other Fleet ranks. Basic bank rights. Able to create Fleet Events.
  • Inactive - Placeholder rank that inactive members must be demoted to, this aids in removal from fleet.
  • Recruit - New members stay at this rank for 1 month before promotion to member. No bank or other Fleet rights.

Author:  Xelosu [ Tue March 13th, 2012 6:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Members


What this rule is all about?:
If a member breaks any of the rules or directives then the member will go through a series of “strikes”, each increasing in severity. Note that if someone just makes an honest mistake, then a warning may be given, but no strike.

Who can get strike?:
All members are eligible for strikes including members of command.
Additionally if a member of Command gets 2 strikes, he is instantly Demoted.
Primarily, these Strikes will be given for flaming, trolling, or general abusive behaviour.

Violation that may be punished with a strike:
Includes but not limited to these examples:
  • Flaming
  • Trolling
  • General abusive behavior
  • Violation of Directives
  • Violation of other rules

How does the system work?:
    Strike 1: Warning.
    Strike 2: 1 Week communications ban.
    Strike 3: Removal from fleet.
If 45 days pass and no more strikes are given, all strikes are removed. However, if a member has one strike, and has had it for 44 days, then breaks another rule (or the same one) then the timer is reset to 45 days, now with 2 strikes.

Handing out strikes:
    The member’s Division VA (so a member in Engineering could not be given a strike by the VA of Medical)
    The Fleet Executive Officer
    The Fleet Admiral

Disputing a strike:
Strikes can be disputed unless given by the Fleet Admiral.
If your VA gives you a strike, you could take it up with The Fleet XO, or the Fleet Admiral. If the Fleet XO gives you a Strike, you can take it up with the Fleet Admiral. Note that if you do dispute it, and who you ask agrees with the verdict, you cannot dispute it further.
Hierarchy: Fleet Admiral > Fleet XO > Vice Admiral

Author:  Xelosu [ Tue March 13th, 2012 6:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Members


What is this all about:
In extremely rare cases we have the responsibility to protect the community by quickly removing its members or removing a member's communication privileges without going into Warnings or Strikes. Situations that require this drastic measure are extremely rare and even then the decisions are never made lightly.

Who may enact this rule:
The Fleet Admiral, or the Fleet Executive Officer, when acting in the FA's stead, can place a member on Administrative Leave. This action is to be undertaken only when a member does something in which said members actions warrant such extreme circumstances, and actions by command.

What violations are serious enough to force this rule?:
Includes but not limited to these examples:
  • Serious violation of multiple Directives
  • Serious discrimination of any kind
  • Performing illegal actions (in accordance to international standards)
  • Cheating
  • Using the name of 12th Fleet in own ill agenda

The Following conditions would then go into effect:

  • Members placed on Administrative Leave will effectively have their accounts on the 12th-Fleet Forums "Suspended" until an investigation can be properly conducted. This means that the only access that they will have is to their Active Case Sub-forum and limited use of PMs.
  • After placing a member on Administrative Leave, the FA (or the FXO if acting in the FAs stead), will immediately do the following:
    • Notify the Council of Admirals by creating a relevant post in the Admiral's Lounge, along with a PM to the Commanding Officers group.
    • Send a PM to the member in question and their Command Staff (as relevant), briefly explaining why the action was taken and letting them know of their rights and responsibilities. (See below).
    • Set up a thread for the current case in the Administrative Leave sub-forum.
    • The Member in question will have their in-game Rank set to Recruit and their 12th Chat access will be removed temporarily.
  • The CoA will then assign one or more members to investigate the case per existing IDRS standards.
    • In the case of multiple members being placed on Administrative Leave at the same time, the lead investigator may solicit additional assistance as needed, so as to guarantee sufficient time for each member to be treated fairly and as a unique part of the case.
  • Once assigned; the investigator, or lead investigator if more than one is needed/requested, will make contact with the member under investigation thus notifying them of who is conducting the investigation. This should be done as soon as possible, ideally within 24-48 hours if feasible.
    • If it looks like the investigation may require some time to conduct, this initial PM can include a reasonable time frame within which the member can expect to be granted a preliminary interview.
    • Remember, this step is primarily intended to inform the member that an investigator has been assigned to their case.

Members on Administrative Leave have the right to:

  • Immediate notification of why they have been placed on Admin Leave.
  • Fair and unbiased treatment.
  • Retain their dignity throughout the entire process.
  • Reasonable access to their Active Case.
  • Representation/Counsel if requested.
  • Expect to be kept informed on the progress of their case.
  • Timely responses to their questions.
  • Reasonably quick resolution of their case.
  • Appeal the results of their case per the current IDRS standards.
  • Voluntarily terminate the Case by leaving the Fleet.

Members on Administrative Leave have the responsibility to:

  • Provide civil cooperation with Command/Investigators.
  • Provide requested testimony and or answers to questions involving their Case in a timely manner.
  • Maintain confidentiality, even though it may not have been requested by Command/Investigators.
  • Continue to observe all Fleet policies throughout the investigation.
  • Abide by outcomes/resolutions of their case.

Possible Outcomes for Members on Administrative Leave:

  • Exoneration – Full access restored to in-game Fleet and the Forums.
  • Sanction(s) – One or Two Strikes; Dependent on nature and severity of the offence.
  • Dismissal – Removed from the in-game Fleet and the Forums.

Author:  Xelosu [ Tue March 13th, 2012 7:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Members


What is a forum avatar?:
This Forum avatar is an official and approved 12th Fleet avatar and acts as a indicator of a member's rank and division assignment. There are avatars that correspond to different divisions and different ranks within those divisions, this helps members better identify different members in order to communicate better and find support if needed.

Where can I set my forum avatar:
You can change your currently displayed avatar in HERE.
You can change the available avatars by changing galleries.

What avatar should I choose?:
When you get accepted to the fleet you should use an Ensign avatar corresponding to your assigned division.
You can then wear this avatar until you have been promoted where you should then choose a different avatar that corresponds to your new rank.

Do I have to wear the proper divisional avatar:
Yes; 12th Members are required to display the avatar that corresponds to their rank and division. Keeping your avatar updated at all times is your own responsibility. Only Approved Avatars are allowed to be used which are in the website gallery located Here


Wearing Non approved avatars will be considered an offense against fleet rules and therefore the offender will be subject to disciplinary procedures

Author:  Xelosu [ Tue March 13th, 2012 7:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Members


What is a forum signature (sig)?:
Your forum signature is everything that normally follows each of your posts.
The Content of your sig can be modified HERE.

What is the maximum signature size?:
The total size of your signature should not exceed 600x250 Pixels. Large signatures clutter the forums and make reading a lot slower.

Helpful tips:
  • one line of standard text in standard size ~ 18px (hight)
  • one row of medals in standard size ~ 25px (hight)
  • size of the image can be checked in image properties

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