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 Post subject: Directives
PostPosted: Fri March 2nd, 2012 5:04 am 
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These eleven Directives define the operation of 12th fleet.

Directive 01(Prime directive)
12th Fleet exists to enhance the fun of our members in playing Star Trek Online and participating in associated activities in a family friendly community. (The term "member" describes all ranking officers from ensign to fleet admiral, both active and inactive, veterans, and those on authorized leave of absence.)

Directive 02
All members must comply with Fleet rules and procedures as set out in our Info Hub.

Directive 03
All members should communicate with each other and our allies in a polite, respectful and friendly manner. Prohibited communications include trolling, flaming, threats, and intentional insults. We will not tolerate comments in public forums or open chat channels that are malicious, derogatory, nonconstructive, and aimed at fleet members to promote controversy and negativity.

Directive 04
Everybody in the 12th Fleet has the equal right to speak as long as it doesn't violate directive 3. Whether somebody is a recently joined member or a long time veteran, everybody's opinion will be taken seriously.

Directive 05
The primary duty of our commanding officers is to help our members, not to rule over them. Members have a duty to follow the chain of command when seeking help with fleet problems. You should address your problem first to your direct commanding officer (for most members that would be your squad captain). If your direct commander cannot help you, then he or she will refer you to the next ranking officer, and so on with higher ranking officers up the chain of command if necessary. Do not start your inquiries with a PM to the Fleet Admiral. (Commanding officers are members with the fleet rank of captain or higher.)

Directive 06
It is the duty of every member to guard over the safety of the 12th fleet, be it internal or external threats and report this to their commanding officer.

Directive 07
Commanding officers have the authority to issue direct orders to members to enforce fleet rules and directives. In this regard the overall well-being of the fleet is placed above the wishes of an individual member. All members (of any rank) must comply with reasonable orders by higher ranking officers. Commanding officers are expected to issue orders only when they deem it reasonably necessary to enforce Fleet rules and directives and to be considerate in the exercise of their authority.

Directive 08
If a member is under the impression that a commanding officer is abusing his or her authority, then the member has the duty to report this to the fleet admiral or the fleet executive officer.

Directive 09
The 12th Fleet will not engage or start a war against other fleets and will remain neutral in all cases.

Directive 10
Acting in the best interest of the 12th Fleet, the fleet admiral has both the power to act unilaterally on all matters and may also VETO any decisions made by members of command. All members, including command members are required to comply with all decisions made by the fleet admiral.

Directive 11
Any illegal activity or violations of the cryptic & PWE terms or service and terms of use is strictly forbidden, any member found to be conducting these activities may be subject to an investigation with the potential of being removed from the fleet depending on the gravity of the offence.

Also concerning Fleet Charter:
Fleet Ranks, Divisions, Fleet Background


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