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PostPosted: Tue May 24th, 2022 7:51 pm 

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12th Fleet Application Form

Please make sure that this application form is filled out completely and that sections of the form are not deleted because they do not apply. If a certain section does not apply then please put "N/A" as an answer. Please fill this application out as honestly and to the best of your knowledge as possible as this will speed up the application process - Many Thanks.

List all of your STO Forum Aliases, display names or other accounts: waver


Character's Game ID Name@Handle (e.g., John@Nickname): Vamek@waver#0818

ARC/STO official forum name: waver#0818

Please list former STO fleets (if any): 4th fleet

Reason for leaving former STO fleets (if applicable): inactivity of fleet members

Real life age: 37

Residence: ( ) US, ( ) Europe, ( ) Asia, ( ) Other: Europe

Timezone (+/-GMT): +2GMT

How did you hear about the 12th fleet?

On reddit as one of the most well established and serious fleets in sto.

What made you interested in choosing the 12th fleet?

The fleets seemed active and focuses on having as much fun as possible in sto. I am pretty new to the game and also seek advice on how best to develop my characters and ships.


What days and times are you usually online?: Most days after work around 17.00


Have you ever played an MMORPG? If so, which one(s) and how long: Yes. WoW 6 years total. EVE online 4 years.


In a paragraph please explain how you will benefit the 12th Fleet?

I intend to do my best of what is asked of me and try to assist the fleet in any way i can.


Will you use fleet Discord (voice chat)? Y / N : Y

You must choose a division you want to join inside 12th Fleet. The divisions within the fleet help us to administer the fleet to better serve our members, as well as providing groups for members of similar interest. Note that all members can partake in any in-game event, your division does not dictate what you can do, it gives you a place to do what you prefer. Divisions welcome all in-game careers, you do NOT have to join the division that matches your character's "career" in-game. Instead join the division that focuses on your main game-play interest.

Before you choose which division you would like to be in, please visit the following links with full descriptions of each of the divisions.

[Engineering] [Science] [Tactical] [MACO] [Section 31]

Now that you have read up on each of our divisions, please number your division preference from 1 to 4 in order, with 1 being your main/Favorite interest and 4 being your least favorite interest. After number 4, please just leave the others blank:

(2) General PvE [Engineering]
(4) Group PvE, Role Playing/Creative Writing [Science]
() Team Space Combat [Tactical]
(3) TFOs and Ground Combat [MACO] (Subdivision)
(1) General Gameplay [Section 31] (Subdivision)

If you fail an Activity Check you will be made inactive and removed from the fleet, Please read our Activity Policy and acknowledge your agreement to the requirements below by selecting yes.

Do you agree to the fleet's activity requirements? Y/N : Y

We ask that, where possible, you provide Command at least 3 days notice of your intention to leave the Fleet. This has been traditionally considered good courtesy, and gives us an opportunity to conduct the necessary administration.

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PostPosted: Tue May 24th, 2022 10:12 pm 
Fleet XO
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Hi wAvEr!

I have sent a invite to Vamek to "12th Fleet", or Main Fleet in game.

I am closing this application, because there is no need to file a separate application for members to bring in other ("alternative" or "alt") toons. Just post in Fleet Talk or Discord, that you need an invite for any alt-toons that you want in the fleet, and we will send them invites. You can also ask in 12th chat in game for any officer in the fleet to send your alt-toons an invite, providing there is an officer of the right rank (captain or above) playing while you are online.

Until we reach the 500 character limit, we have enough room to allow members to keep all their alt-toons in the fleet in game (that includes both our Main and KDF fleets).

We missed in your application that your Karnan toon is KDF. While we do have a KDF Fleet (12th Honor Guard) in which members can keep toons and explore that play style, 12th Fleet is a Federation fleet. Our KDF Fleet holdings are not fully developed, and our members mostly play their Federation toons. We only keep track of activity in our Federation fleet for purposes of your meeting the quarterly activity requirement. So if you really want to make KDF play your focus, you may want to consider joining a KDF-focused fleet.

All 12th members are required to have at least one character in our Federation ("Main") fleet in-game which is the character we will check for whether you are meeting the fleet's quarterly activity requirement. By bringing Vamek into the fleet, you will meet the requirement for a Federation character in the fleet. :bolian: You will need to log into Vamek at least once every 90 days to meet the Fleet's in-game activity requirement.


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