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Welcome to the 12th fleet. Below is a brief history of the fleet to help you get to know us better.

Our Prime Directive

Fleet Directives
Directive 01 (Prime directive)
The 12th Fleet is a community in which its members are encouraged to have fun playing the game and enjoy all activities around it in a family friendly community. (Member means all our ranking officers in the fleet, from cadet to fleet admiral.)

History of the 12th Fleet

The Dominion war

The 12th Fleet started out as a military unit of Starfleet during the Dominion war. In the year 2375 they assembled at starbase 19 in preparation to drive the Dominion forces from the planet Betazed conquered shortly before. Before the attack could commence the Dominion launched a pre-emptive attack witch led to the destruction of 36 ships including the USS Nautilus. (TNG novel: "The Battle of Betazed")At the end of the war the fleet was decommissioned by Starfleet command. Its ships assigned to other duties.

Intergalactic relations

The following years the intergalactic relations took a surprising turn, relations with the Romulans after the “Shinzon” incident improved considerably and the Federation devoted itself to assist the Cardassians to restore their people to prosperity. Meanwhile more and more voices in the Klingon Empire spoke up that it was time to return to the old ways and expand the Empire and with the other Alpha Quadrant powers weakened or otherwise engaged.

An idea that grew in strength after the Romulan occupation of Khitomer in 2381. As a result the Klingons launched an attack and regained Khitomer in 2382. This action upset galactic politics in 2383 even though the extremely recent Romulan claim had lasted less than a year.

Over the next decade relations between the Federation and Klingon Empire continued to decline with the first incident occurring in 2392 when the USS Montana attempted to intervene in an armed skirmish between Klingon and Gorn starships and suffered heavy damage by Klingon disruptor fire in the process.

A new beginning

In the year 2407 The relations with the Klingon Empire had escalated to the point that both factions where nearing an all out war. As a result Starfleet Command decided to authorise the reactivation of the 12th Fleet under the command of Admiral Scientia. An officer who was a sound tactician and held his own in a fight but who was not trigger happy.

He spend the next year assembling his fleet comprised of some of the best ships and crew from all over the Federation. Their numbers swelled and it was not long after this the 12th Fleet was a force to be reckoned with.

The home of this group of valiant Starfleet officers would be an experimental space station on the edge of the Klingon/Federation border equipped with the latest technologies. The base was constructed and completed at enormous cost due to the speed it had to be operational by the year 2409. The year everything changed.

This is the story of the 12th Fleet, their location: Starbase Valhalla.

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