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Welcome to 12th Fleet! We are excited that you are interested in creating an alliance with 12th Fleet. Here I hope to give you a brief set of expectations to take away from your visit with us here. We have various steps in our process, up to the discretion of both fleets though, on how we proceed and create alliances with each other.

First of all, what is an alliance to us? An alliance shares our common goals in helping to strengthen the overall enjoyment of the game for both fleet's members. Our fleet is all about fun! We are here to ensure everyone enjoys the game. While it takes some management to lead a large fleet, we are not here to direct or tell everyone in our fleet what to do. Yes, we have a few simple requirements.. the main one being to have fun.

Diplomacy VA

Diplomatic Process Expectations

Step One: First Contact

- At a designated spot in game on either a planet, or a starbase, both fleets will do a meet-and-greet and get to know what the other fleet is like and about. Every fleet has its own unique history, and this will allow for a more visual aspect to be able to “see” the other fleet, as well as hear them on Teamspeak.
- Ensures a more personal nature to the feeling of forming an alliance
- Time convenient for both fleets
- The designated head diplomat from each fleet will be the primary speakers, unless the floor is yielded to another fleet leader or admiral. This allows for more formality to such an event, and allows for maintaining respect to the other fleet. If anyone wishes to talk, PM a fleet ambassador, and when he or she gives the okay, and introduces you, then you are allowed to talk.

Step Two: Become a Friendly (Optional)

- As a Friendly, we get to know the other fleet via inter-fleet events on a more personalized level.
- We will allow Friendlies access to the 12th Fleet’s Open In-Game Channel
- We will allow Friendlies access to Teamspeak, with diplomatic access.
- Friendlies will be able to join in on inter-fleet events such as STF’s, Fleet VS Fleet PvP and PvE actions
- Friendlies will get Embassy (forum) access and a fleet forum group.

Step Three: Fleet Interaction
- Friendly fleets that are interested in becoming Allies will be asked to participate in various Joint Fleet Events(JFE). These events will allow both sides to gauge each other and decide if an alliance is desirable.
- The first couple JFE's will if possible be Division focused events, ie PVP, Role Playing, small scale STF's, etc.
- Following successful Divisional events, both sides should participate in a fleet wide event. This will be a large scale event involving as many members of both fleets as possible.
- Following a successful fleetwide event if an Alliance is still desirable by both sides a formal alliance meeting will be schedule.

Step Four: An Official Alliance (Optional)

- Another Meet and Greet will be established at a designated location for both fleets to meet up. This will be a FORMAL event.
- The Fleet Ambassador from the other fleets will be the first to speak out of respect, and offer an alliance towards our fleet.
- We can either accept or decline and remain Friendlies.
- Official Alliances are more personalized, and intensified because you have both earned the respect of each others fleet.
- An announcement on 12th’s Website will be announced regarding the alliance with the designated fleet.
- Any complaints will go through JAG and will be forwarded on a classified level to those only involved to the Diplomacy Head, The CO of said parties, and The Fleet Admiralty and an investigation will occur with both parties involved to determine how to keep things friendly, and running smoothly.

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