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Squad of the Month -- Saturday, August 27 at 19:00 UTC (8PM BST/3PM EDT)
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Author:  Pattern [ Sat August 13th, 2022 2:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Squad of the Month -- August ?? at 19:00 UTC (8PM BST/3PM EDT)

27th please

Author:  Amicus [ Sat August 13th, 2022 5:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Squad of the Month -- August ?? at 19:00 UTC (8PM BST/3PM EDT)

Scheduling has been open now for over a week. An ongoing conflict was indicated to all options because they are on weekends, but the ongoing response is that weekends are chosen to accommodate the greatest number of members from all regions. No conflicts were otherwise voiced to the proposed date.
Therefore, the next Squad of the Month meet will be:

Saturday, August 27 at 19:00 UTC (i.e., 8PM BST, 3PM EDT, 2PM CDT, 12PM PDT) :!:

The scheduling of this month's meet is now CLOSED.

Author:  Amicus [ Tue August 23rd, 2022 12:47 am ]
Post subject:  Your squad needs YOU!

Your Squad Needs YOU!
Saturday, August 27 at 19:00 UTC
(i.e., 8PM BST, 3PM EDT, 2PM CDT, 12PM PDT)

Squad of the Month meet is THIS COMING SATURDAY!

Attendance is a big part of scoring the winner. Don't let your squad go down without a fight!

By order of the Council of Admirals, after completion of the competition portion of the Meet, there will be a drawing at this month's SotM for:

:!: 20 Million Energy Credits :!:

The Meet will convene on Discord in a channel relabeled "Squad of the Month" at the time set forth above.

What is Squad of the Month?
The Squad of the Month ("SotM") meet is a monthly fleet event which starts with an inter-squad competition to determine the Fleet's Squad of the Month. The competition is followed by group activities which may include: build advice, challenge match PvP, teaming up to cruise the TFO queues, and just hanging out together on Discord. :) We are a casual fleet, and participation in any portion of SotM is optional.

Rules for Competition: The winner of the competition is determined by attendance during the first 15 minutes of the meet (the "grace period"). The squad with the most members logging into the Discord channel during the grace period wins. However, if any squad shows up with its full membership during the grace period but still does not have enough numbers to win the competition, then the result will be a tie between all squads with their full membership attending and the squad with the largest number of members attending. If there is a tie, then the winner of the competition will be determined either by dice roll (".roll" using the Security Bot on Discord), or by any other method agreed upon between the tying parties (e.g., PvP match, trivia question, etc.). Any method other than dice roll for resolving a tie, must be approved by the convener of the meet (normally me) as being swift enough to be resolved simply without taking up the whole meet or leaving the winner undetermined beyond the end of the meet. The winning squad gains the Squad of the Month trophy to display in its squad forum until the next meet, and each member of the squad whose attendance contributed to the victory is awarded an SotM ribbon.

Author:  Amicus [ Tue September 6th, 2022 3:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Squad of the Month -- Saturday, August 27 at 19:00 UTC (8PM BST/3PM EDT)

Congratulations to Tactical's Gamma Squad ("Vipers") for winning the Squad of the Month meet for July 2022! Gamma won with an attendance victory, by mustering eight (blowing away their own record for squad showing after mustering seven last month :o ) of its members during the initial grace period. Honorable showings were made as follows: Engineering's Charlie x2, Engineering's Alpha x1, Engineering's Beta x1, Science's Epsilon x1, and Section 31 x1.

A prize of 20 million EC from our Fleet Bank was awarded based on dice roll among attenders with the prize going to:

Irishhawk ("Drake")

Kudos to all who participated in the meet with activities including: the initial competition; prize giveaway; PvP Match; successful run of Undine Battlezone; Successful run of Colony Invasion Mission (to max level 30), cruising of TFO queues (advanced and elite), build advice, and/or hanging out on Discord that went on until after 9:00 PM Central Time; including as follows:

Irishhawk (Drake)
N5XTR ("Joel")
Ocie Denver
Paragod516 (Teklor)

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