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PostPosted: Tue January 5th, 2016 8:01 am 
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List all of your STO Forum Aliases, display names or other accounts:


Character's name (name@handle): Chance Wilson@captainchancewilson

STO official forum name/handle: admichancewilson

Please list former STO fleets (if any):
26th Fleet
38th Fleet "Argo"
Liberty Task Force
The Storytellers
the 12th Fleet
some others that I cant remember.....

Reason for leaving former STO fleets (if applicable): The rp is going stale, haven't left it just yet but pending approval here I will.

Real life age: 20

Residence: (X) US, ( ) EU, ( ) Asia, ( ) Other:

Timezone (+/-GMT): Central Standard Time

How did you hear about the 12th fleet?: Former Member form several years ago

What made you interested in choosing the 12th fleet?:

Well my current fleet isnt really working for me anymore rp wise and I thought maybe I could get a another chance here since its been almost 4 years since my last attempt to join. I will note here that in July of 2013 I was blacklisted here in the fleet and was told all future apps would be auto denied. Its been such a long time since my younger days, and I feel that I've matured enough that I feel that maybe I could maybe get another chance or maybe an appeal this time around. Id be willing to have a conversation on teamspeak or something to maybe work things out.


Before you choose which division you would like to be in, please visit the following links on a full description on each of the divisions.

[Engineering] (Science [Exploration] [Medical]) ([Tactical] [12th Honor Guard] [MACO] [Section 31])

Now that you have read up on each of our divisions, please state your STO interests (Please number your interests from 1 to 4 in order of preference, with 1 being your main/Favorite interest and 4 being your least favorite interest) After number 4, please just leave the others blank:

(3) General PvE [Engineering]
(1) Group PvE, Role Playing/Creative Writing [Science]
(2) Space PvP/Team Space Combat [Tactical]
() KDF & KDF Romulan Gameplay [12th Honor Guard]
() STFs and Ground PvP [MACO] (Subdivision)
(4) General Gameplay [Section 31] (Subdivision)

*If you are applying to the 12th fleet with a Romulan as your character, please indicate which faction you are aligned with.
Federation (x) KDF ()

Note that all members can partake in any in-game event, your division does not dictate what you can do, it gives you a place to do what you prefer.

Divisions welcome all in-game careers, you do not have to join the division that your character specializes in in-game. Instead join the division that focuses on your main game-play interest.


Diplomacy is recruited from within the fleet, tick if you would be interested in the future
( ) Diplomacy


What days and times are you usually online?: Most days of the week from 10pm-12am, give or take work days.


Have you ever played an MMORPG? If so, which one and how long:
STO - Since 2012
Darkspace - Since 2010
Mount and Blade Warband - Since 2012
World of Tanks/Planes/Ship - Since 2013


In a paragraph please explain how you will benefit the 12th fleet?

As a former member I could bring a little history back from the old days, and as a new member bring my years of STO experience to bear for whatever role that I might have in the fleet, such as my RP from 3 different RP fleet's and and my PVP learned skills from a pvp fleet that I was in.


Do You agree to the fleets activity Policy? Y/N : Yes

NOTE: If you fail an Activity Check you will be made inactive and eventually removed from the fleet, Please read our Activity Policy before selecting yes.

We ask that, where possible, you provide Command at least 3 days notice of your intention to leave the Fleet. This has been traditionally considered good courtesy, and gives us an opportunity to conduct the necessary administration.

Will you use Fleet Teamspeak Voice Chat? Y / N : Yes

Would you be interested in writing or doing art for the the 12th Fleet Blog? Y / N :No

PostPosted: Tue January 5th, 2016 8:45 am 
Fleet XO
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Your application to 12th Fleet has been Denied.

When you last reapplied you were denied re-entry and added to our permanent blacklist. Command thoroughly reviewed your re-application previously and determined that this is not the place for you to start anew. The management here has not changed essentially. I wish you the best in finding the redemption you seek in another fleet.

If you wish to appeal this decision you may contact our Fleet XO Merlin.



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