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PostPosted: Thu July 10th, 2014 11:03 pm 
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12th Fleet Application Form

Hello and Welcome, Please can you make sure that this application form is filled out completely and that sections of the form are not deleted because they do not apply. If a certain section does not apply then please put "N/A" as an answer. Please can you also fill this application out as honestly and to the best of your knowledge as possible as this will speed up the application process - Many Thanks.

List all of your STO Forum Aliases, display names or other accounts:

Character's name (name@handle): Vulnair@vulnair16363

STO official forum name/handle: Vulnair

Please list former STO fleets (if any): Wolverines

Reason for leaving former STO fleets (if applicable): New requirements that I could not keep up with due to school-related things.

Real life age: 15

Residence: (x) US, ( ) EU, ( ) Asia, ( ) Other:

Timezone (+/-GMT): EST (-5 GMT)


How did you hear about the 12th fleet?
Looking for a new fleet and the 12th popped up. Did some more research and it sounds like a lot of fun!

What made you interested in choosing the 12th fleet?
The amount of options and paths you can go to make yourself valuable.

Before you choose which division you would like to be in, please visit the following links on a full description on each of the divisions.

[Engineering] [Exploration] [KDF Division (12th Honor Guard)] [MACO] [Medical] [Section 31] [Starbase Operations] [Romulan Division (12th Legion)]

Now that you have read up on each of our divisions, please state your STO interests (Please number your interests from 1 to 5 in order of preference, with 1 being your main/Favourite interest and 5 being your least favourite interest) After number 5, please just leave the others blank:

(4) General PvE [Engineering]
() Group PvE and Space Exploring (Creative Writing) [Exploration]
() KDF Faction-focused Gameplay [KDF Division (12th Honor Guard)]
(3) STFs and Ground PvP [MACO]
() Role Playing [Medical]
() Romulan Faction-focused Gameplay [Romulan Division (12th Legion)]
(5) General Gameplay [Section 31]
(2) Fleet Mark Group PVE and Starbase Logistical Support [Starbase Operations]
(1) Space PvP/Team Space Combat [Tactical]

Note that all members can partake in any in-game event, your division does not dictate what you can do, it gives you a place to do what you prefer.

Divisions welcome all in-game careers, you do not have to join the division that your character specializes in in-game. Instead join the division that focuses on your main gameplay interest.


Diplomacy is recruited from within the fleet, tick if you would be interested in the future
( ) Diplomacy


What days and times are you usually online?:
During the evenings when I get a chance (I usually have an hour or two)

Have you ever played an MMORPG? If so, which one and how long:
World of Tanks (About a year now)
Heros and Generals (3-4 months)
War Thunder (1 1/2 Years)

In a paragraph plea